The campaign

Mind is a Charity in the United Kingdom focussing on the mental health and wellbeing of people of all ages & backgrounds. This March, they're challenging students to run a total of 27 miles in 27 days, to take a stand with the 27% that report a mental health difficulty. While the campaign means a lot to me on a personal level, I'm also taking this as an opportunity to really get my teeth sunk into running - such that I can become much healthier, happier and enjoy the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

Any support would mean the world to myself and my good friend Ross, who's completing the challenge with me. More information can be found on our web app, or at our JustGiving pages: Tom Mitchelmore - Mind 27 27 & Ross for MindSoc in the 27 27.


Design & Development

One key consideration was to keep the design light-hearted, consumable and close to Mind's own brand. This proved extremely successful, as it's meant that we have a rather "playful" interface while still retaining all of the data we were hoping to show.

For this project, we also designed mobile-first - it was extremely obvious at the start that most traffic would be from mobile through platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

In terms of data, we make use of a very simple backend to act as a bridge between our app and the JustGiving & Google Sheets APIs respectively - the latter being used to track our running activity.